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Dual Plug BTC Cement Heads Oilfield Tool Oil Drilling Machine Parts

Dual Plug BTC Cement Heads Oilfield Tool Oil Drilling Machine Parts

Dual Plug BTC Cement Heads

BTC Cement Heads Oilfield Tool

Cement Heads Oil Drilling Machine Parts

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142 series double plug

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Product Details
Oilfield Tool
Oil Drilling Machine Parts
Cementing Connection
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Energy & Mining
Product Description

Oil Well Cementing Tool Dual Plug BTC Double Plug Cementing Head With Factory Oilfield Tool


1) Description

Cementing head is a device fitted to the top joint of a casing string to hold a cement plug before it is pumped down the casing during the cementing operation.


2) How to work for Double Plug Cementing Head

In most operations, a bottom plug is launched before the spacer of cement slurry. The top plug is released form the cement head after the sapcer fluid. Most cement heads can hold both the top and bottom plugs. A manifold incorporated into the cement head assembly allows connection of a fluid circulation line.


3) Charateristics of Double Plug Cementing Head

1. Compact, easy to connect

2. Indicator monitoring stopper running

3. Body and short sleeve button connected by ladders

4. High strength materials and high thread to ensure it meets quality and performance requirements

5. Manifold connections, as required by the selection union.


Cementing head is a manifold system that is installed on the top of the casing which allows the cement slurry to be pumped from the cement unit down any of the type of casing string. The cement head is also used for releasing the top and bottom cement plugs.


A “cement head” is screwed into the top casing collar or landing joint, depending on the type of  casing cementing job. The discharge side of the downhole pump and the cement head are connected by a series of articulated or straight sections of high-pressure steel pipe, also known as “treating iron”



Double plug cementing head


Heads capable of storing multiple plugs are preferred over those just carrying single plugs for operational convenience, as the use of more than one plug requires the opening of the head to insert a second (or even a third) plug after circulating the drilling fluid and launching the bottom plug. This allows not only the build-up of gels in the annulus, having an adverse effect on fluid displacement efficiency, but also cement-free fall. The risk of sticking the casing (pipe sticking) is also increased if reciprocation is stopped to allow the insertion of the additional plug (or two).


Dual Plug BTC Cement Heads Oilfield Tool Oil Drilling Machine Parts 0


Dual Plug BTC Cement Heads Oilfield Tool Oil Drilling Machine Parts 1


Technical Parameter


Specifications, mm Φ139.7 Φ177.8 Φ193.7 Φ244.5 Φ273 Φ339.7
Overall-length,mm 1950 2020 2020 2360 2360 2440
Manifold 2'' Union
I.D. of plug container, mm Φ125 Φ160 Φ175 Φ225 Φ250 Φ320
Length of plug container, mm 400 450 450 550 550 600
Working Pressure, Mpa 35.5 35.5 35.5 35.5 35 35




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