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API Multi Stage Cementing Collar Hydraulic Cementing Tools

API Multi Stage Cementing Collar Hydraulic Cementing Tools

API Multi Stage Cementing

Hydraulic Cementing Tools

Multi Stage Cementing Collar

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Product Details
Stage Cementing Collar
4 2/1 Series
Domestic China Only
Size Range:
As Required
Product Description

4 2/1 Series API Standard Cementing Tools Multi Stage Cementing Collar


This page is going to clarify one of them : Hydraulic stage collar  


Product Description

1) Introduction

Stage collar is a tool used to complete the cementing operation into two times.

The stage collar should be used with centralizers above and below and a cementing basket positioned below the ports.

2) How to work

The operation of the collar is simple and reliable. It features a double locking mechanism consisting of a snap lock and ball lock system to assure that the ports are permanently locked closed after cementing is completed. Internal parts are designed to lock to prevent rotation during drill out and are constructed of easily drillable materials.

3) Features

a. Opening pressure can be adjusted and it is not subjective to hole angle.
b. The pressure-relief design prevents fluid trapping and compression during the closing phase of the tool's operation.
c. The I.D of upper/lower sub is the same as that of casing, but smaller than that of closing sleeve, which can minimize chances of damages to the closing sleeve.
d. The inner seats are made of an easily drillable NBR rubber/aluminum material. Both the opening and closing seats lock against rotation for easy drill out.



Hydraulic  collar  advantage and features 


1-It can only manufactured by SWS in domestic china as one unique tech.  


2- It can be used in horizontal and highly deviated well bores and applications where opening of the stage collar after displacement of the first


stage cementing is required. 


3-The opening pressure can be changed to allow opening of the tool through a wide range of pressures. 


4-The opening free fall trip device is optionally available for use if the stage collar is opened mechanically 


5- When premium thread are using DRK , we recommend to use a landing collar to receive the 1st stage latch down wiper plug. 


size weight range maximum od maximum drill out id overall length
in(mm) lb/ft(wall mm) in(mm) in(mm) in(mm)
4-1/2(114.3) 9.5 to11.6(5.2 to 6.35) /11.6 to 15.1(6.35 to 8.56) 5.562(141.3) 3.975(101.0)/3.890(98.80) 25.0(635)
5-1/2(139.7) 14.0(5.69)/15.5 to 17.0(6.99 to 7.72)/ 17.0 to 23.0(7.72 to 10.54) 6.63(168.4) 4.897(124.4)/4.835(122.8)/4.77(121.3) 25.2(641)
6-5/8(168.3) 17.0(6.22)/24.0 to 32.0 (8.94 to 12.07) 7.88(200) 6.0(152.0)/5.625(142.8)



7(177.8) 23.0 to 26.0 (8.05 to 9.19)/26.0 to 32.0(9.19 to 11.51) 8.15(207) 6.251(158.7)/6.161(156.5) 26(662)
- - - - -
9-5/8(244.5) 32.3 to 40.0(48.1 to 59.5)/40.0 to 47.0(59.5 to 69.9)/43.5 to 53.5(64.7 to 79.6) 11.25(282.6) 8.855(224.9)/8.689(220.7)/8.609(218.7) 28.9(732)
10-3/4(273.1) 32.75 to 40.5(48.1 to 59.5)/40.0 to 47.0(59.5 to 69.9)/43.5 to 53.5(64.7 to 79.6) 12.0(305.0) 8.855(224.9)/8.689(220.7)/8.609(218.7) 30(761)
13-3/8 (340) 61.0to 72.0(90.78 to 107.15) 15(381) 12.25(311.1) 35.13(892.3)




API Multi Stage Cementing Collar Hydraulic Cementing Tools 0






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