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30T-120T Rotating Liner Hanger Oilfield Liner Hanger With Packer Set

30T-120T Rotating Liner Hanger Oilfield Liner Hanger With Packer Set

120T Rotating Liner Hanger

30T Rotating Liner Hanger

30T Oilfield Liner Hanger

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Product Details
Oilfield Liner Hanger
With Packer Set
Setting Way:
Hydraulic Pressure
414 Series
50mpa Or Voltage, 204degree Heat Resistance
Product Description

Size340×245 Packer Pressure T 30 Sealing Ability 25 MPa Max Od Of Body 308 Mm Oilfield Liner Hanger


API Oilfield H2s Resistant Liner Hanger for Cementing
Mchanical Liner Hanger,with double cones,double-row slips and double cylinders,is set hydraulically by applying pressure through the run-in string.A setting ball is circulated or dropped to the ball seat built into the landing collar.Applied pressure pushes slips up the cone to the set position.
1,Theis set hydraulically,applicable to different wells,especially to deep wells.
2,With two different setting mechanisms,the can set easily.
3,Working with SQ setting-ball carrier,the is suitable for applications in horizontal or highly-deviated wells.
4,The piston sealing element is made of nitrile/fluorine rubber for higher pressure and temperature ratings.
5,Main parts are fabricated with high-strength alloy steel providing high burst/collapse resistance.
Property Parameters


Advantages and Features: 


1- For liner cementing of oil and gas water channeling problem provide back-up packer device 


2- Use HNBR rubber packer rubber tube 


3- 50 MPA or voltage, 204 degree heat resistance. 





The liner hanger  with a packer can effectively seal the overlapping annular space and prevent the migration of fluid/gas between the casing and the formation from causing gas channeling.

After cementing, set the packer. Lift the drill string up to create a bell mouth and circulate excess cement slurry without affecting the lower formation.


Principle : 

After the tail pipe is lowered to the designed position, follow the normal procedure of setting, reversing, cementing, and bumping, lift the drill string up to extend the sealing block on the tool, and seat it on the upper end face of the return tube. Lower the drill string, cut the pins, and the rubber tube expands under external force, forming an effective seal between the upper casing and the return tube.



技 术 参 数 Technical data 规 格 size
340×245 245×178 178×140 178×127(114) 140×102(95,89)
额定悬挂载荷 rotaed suspension load t 240 120 50 50 30
封隔器座封压力packer pressure t 30 30 30 30 30
密封能力 sealing ability MPa 25 25 25 25 25
悬挂剪钉剪切压力 shear pressure of hanging shear nails MPa 7--8 7---8 7--8 7---8 7---8
球座剪钉剪切压力 shear pressure of ball socket shear nail MPa 17--18 17--18 17---18 17---18 17---18
座封剪钉剪切压力 Shear pressure of seat sealing shear nail t 12 12 12 12 12
空芯胶塞剪钉剪切压力 shear pressure of hollow rubber plug shear nails MPa 10--12 10--12 10--12 10--12 10--12
本体最大外径 max od of body mm 308 214 155 151 117
本体内径 ID of body mm 220 155 121 108 97(82,75)
回接筒长度 length of return tube mm 500 500   300 140
回接筒内径 ID of return tube mm 255 190   134 105
适用的套管壁厚 suit casing thickness mm 8.33,9.65,10.92, 8.94,10.03, 9.19, 9.19,10.36, 6.20,6.98,7.72,
12.19, 11.05, 8.05; 11.51 9.17
13.06 11.99 6.91’    


30T-120T Rotating Liner Hanger Oilfield Liner Hanger With Packer Set 0



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