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Multi Cone Mechanical Liner Hanger Drilling Well Cementing Tool

Multi Cone Mechanical Liner Hanger Drilling Well Cementing Tool

Mechanical Liner Hanger Drilling

Multi Cone Mechanical Liner Hanger

Multi Cone Liner Hanger Drilling

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Product Details
Competitive Price /economical
Light To Medium
Set Models Use:
Right Or Left Hand
Special Condition:
Availble In Sour Gas Condition
410 Series
Well Condition:
Straight Well
Product Description


Liner hanger

Liner Hanger is similar to casing, is a tool system that is used to hang a liner in a production well.But it is not run through the full depth of the well, as casing is, A liner hanger allows the liner (casing below the liner hanger) to be suspended in the previous casing string to reduce material cost and provide completion solution options. A seal is required at the top of the liner hanger to prevent transfer of fluid or pressures from either direction.

Liner Hanger belongs to Cementing or Drlling?

Cementing itself is a process in the drilling process.
The liner hanger is a cementing tool used in the cementing process.Many layers of casing are dropped during the drilling process.

The liner is a type of casing. 

The liner hanger pipe is generally used as the production casing at the bottom. 
The connection between the hanger pipe and the upper casing depends on the tail pipe hanger. 

After the casing or sieve pipe is installed, cement injection is required to complete the cementing.

Liner hanger systems could be mechanical or hydraulic, premium or standard, rotating or non-rotating, conventional or expandable and pocket slip.


The mechanical-set liner hangers are inexpensive, light-to-medium-duty hangers;

They are available in right-and-left-hand set models,depending on the type of setting tool to be used. Multi-cone design maximizes bypass area for run-in and cementing. 


1-Economical choice for cost-sensitive applications not requiring 

2- Multi-cone design provides maximum bypass area

3- Single slot J-cage available for right-or-left -hand setting 

4-Cone-grip slips available to prevent floating of very short, light liner

5- Availble in sour gas well using special material


Multi Cone Mechanical Liner Hanger Drilling Well Cementing Tool 0

Multi Cone Mechanical Liner Hanger Drilling Well Cementing Tool 1

技 术 参 数 technical data  规 格 size
245×178(140) 178×127(114) 140×102(95,89)
额定悬挂载荷 rotaed suspension load ,t 120 50 30
密封能力 sealing ability,MPa 25 25 25
轨道长槽长度 long groove length ,mm 1540 1540 1540
轨道短槽长度 short groove length ,mm 1140 1140 1140
下钻最大许可上提高度 Max allowable increase in drilling , mm 805 805 805
空芯胶塞剪钉剪切压力 Shear pressure of hollow rubber plug shear nails,MPa 10--12 10--12 10--12
本体最大外径 Max OD of body ,mm 214 151 117
本体内径 ID of body,mm 155 108.6(97.2) 97.2(82,75)
回接筒长度 length of return tube ,mm 500 300 140
回接筒内径 ID of return tube ,mm 187 130 102
适用的套管壁厚suit casing thickness,mm 8.94,10.03,11.05,11.99 9.19,10.36,11.51 6.20,6.98,7.72,

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